Paris l’après-midi’s exceptional handmade fabrics are produced with traditional spinning wheels and arm looms. Different fibers are available: cashmere, yak, silk, cotton, …
The production process follows social, ecological and sustainable rules which are warranted by the provider.


The fibers originate from animals freely roaming on the Himalayan highlands at altitudes as high as 5000 meters, where temperatures can reach as low as - 40°C. Local populations gather the products from the undercoat of the animals when they moult at springtime. Thanks to these exceptional fibers, the fabrics have an incomparable mellowness.

These fabrics may be crafted on demand with a specific weight, thickness or width (up to 260 cm). Any colour is available on demand. Throws and cushions may be produced according to a bespoke design.

For its collection, Paris l’après-midi has selected a set of references which may be accessed below :

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